ADA Accessibility Assessment


Is your property ADA compliant?

That’s the most important question every property owner, business owner, and property manager must ask themselves. A non-compliant commercial property means it cannot be enjoyed by everybody, including people with disabilities. Being non-compliant leads to expensive lawsuits as ADA compliance is required by both federal and state law.

The most important question:

So how can you ensure your property is compliant?

The only reliable way to ensure compliance is by obtaining an ADA Accessibility Assessment, also known as a Certified Access Specialist Report (CASp Report). A CASp Report determines and documents every non-compliant issue with a property. With a report in hand, you will be armed with the information you need to gain protection from lawsuits and ensure your property is accessible to everybody.


The problem and our solution

But not all CASp ADA accessibility assessment reports are created equal. There are nearly 900 CASps in California and unfortunately, there is no enforceable standard for CASp Report quality. Some ADA accessibility assessment reports are so shoddy that the report is actually a useless document.

With nearly 2000 CASp Reports under our belts, our team at ADA Compliance Professionals prides itself on crafting the most thorough and detailed report possible. Every infraction is backed up with site-specific photos and explanatory diagrams. You can trust our ADA accessibility assessment reports to get you the information you need to start the process of becoming ADA compliant.