ADA Architects and ADA Contractors


ADA Architects and ADA Contractors

As a CASp-Certified company with over a decade of experience under our belts, we pride ourselves in taking a proactive approach to shepherding clients through the complicated and sometimes confounding process of getting a property or business ADA compliant. This end-to-end approach is why we work closely with architects and contractors. Here’s how:

Once an Access Report is drafted, we remain committed to the project and readily available to answer any questions an architect or contractor might have. We need them to fully understand our findings and work hard to ensure no plans for implementation are being made without understanding the ramifications. Budgets can be tight and that is why we do all we can for our clients to verify that no good money is being tossed toward incomplete or non-compliant solutions

After we have drafted ADA Compliant plans for a property, we provide consultative support to the project’s architectural and construction team. It is crucial for that hand-off to be precise. They must fully understand our design plans. To do so, we not only provide easy access to review our findings, but go into further detail with online meeting software so that findings and solutions can be reviewed in real-time by all parties.

Mark Tudor – CASp #365

Mark Tudor has over 40 years of experience in the construction business, establishing Tudor Construction in 1978. Mark has managed many projects in the commercial, industrial, office, restaurant, and medical construction; focused primarily on tenant improvement build-outs and finishing. He also oversaw all aspects of building dozens of projects in residential construction, both new and remodels.

In 2010, Mark decided to focus on a career as an ADA consultant. He found that there was a real passion for the field and founded ADA Compliance Professionals, Inc.

Because of his construction experience, ADA Compiance Pros is in a unique position to not only understand what non-compliant architectural elements need to be removed but also how to construct alternative compliant elements. Having that strong construction background allows us to make the most economical and feasible solutions for our clients.