STEP 2: CASp-Certified Architectural Design

So you got your CASp Report. What next?

Simply put, a CASp Report points out what is wrong with a property, but it isn’t meant to solve the issues. And if the issues are extensive, you will need professional help. Our  CASp-Certified Architectural Design Service provides our clients with a seamless continuation of service, thus assisting them in solving the non-compliant issues cited in our CASp reports.

Opposed to turning to a knowledgeable architect and get them up to speed on the issues, which is costly, or risk the project veering off the tracks in less experienced hands, which is an all too common occurrence, our team doesn’t miss a beat and all designs are reviewed and certified by our President and Founder, Mark Tudor.

For years, we watched as our clients put their trust in contractors to implement the issues we cited in our reports, but far too many projects were done incorrectly. Not only was costly additional construction required, but our clients were hit with more ADA lawsuits – they were not protected.

Our CASp-Certified Architectural Design plans are guaranteed to solve every non-compliant exterior issue and give a contractor the blueprint to simply do what needs to be done without having to figure out ADA compliance law. Our plans save money and keep you protected.




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STEP 1: Our professional and insightful team will come to your locations for a complete evaluation

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STEP 2: Our complete reports will give clear design guidance on what must be done to satisfy state regulations.

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STEP 3: After the plan is done we are there from the selection of the right contractor to sign off on the final inspection.

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