ADA Compliant Design Services

When a property has complicated exterior ADA problems, an ADA expert is required to solve them. That is why we offer ADA Compliant Design Services. We take the guessing out of the process and ensure a property’s problems are solved as cost-effectively as possible. A compliant property, helps untangle an active lawsuit, avoids future lawsuits, and ensures accessibility for all.

ADA Compliance is incredibly complicated and the exposure to lawsuits is great, therefore our program enables our clients to do what needs to be done. With peace of mind, they can then turn the page and focus time and resources on other important matters.

Contractors are not qualified:

For years, we watched our clients put their faith in contractors to solve complex ADA issues on their properties. Unfortunately, over and over again, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars later, our clients would be led astray by under-qualified contractors who were just not up to the task of solving complex ADA issues. In many cases, they would be sued again for the same non-compliant ADA issues that caused them to first reach out to us for help in the first place. In one case, we had a client who was sued for accessible parking problems. They paid $200,000 to a contractor who claimed to be an “expert” at fixing ADA issues. And then one year later, they were sued again for the same non-compliant issues! We finally said enough is enough. We needed to help our clients protect themselves.


Experience and qualifications

We have over a decade of experience under our belts, plus our founder has a contractor’s license, granting us the unique position of seeing things both as a builder and an ADA expert. We are uniquely positioned to give our clients the design work they need at the best possible price.

Our CASp-Certified Architectural Design Process:

Once we have been retained, there is much work to do before we ever step foot on the property. We commence an in-depth analysis to best understand the circumstances and dynamics at play. The types of things we review:

Compliant design is about being as detailed and thorough as possible and with lots of moving pieces, it is crucial each and every one of them is considered by our expert team.

Once all the logistics have been reviewed, we draft a detailed site plan so that we are fully prepared for solving the ADA issues. This site plan will review all the existing conditions and the layout for the property.

Once the preliminary work is complete, is complete and our site plan has been drafted, we schedule a Survey. Our team arrives with all of our required equipment to solve the exterior non-compliant ADA issues. While on-site, we review all options and take all the required measurements to verify conditions and possible design solutions.

While builders profit by larger construction scopes, we serve as our client’s advocate to keep costs down without risking non-compliant outcomes. Many times, our clients make back the cost of our work because we strategically minimized the amount of construction that actually needed to be done. We work surgically to keep the scope small and salvage as much of the existing conditions of the property as possible. If we can salvage 5’ of walkway, we are going to do it!

We then return back to our offices and start drafting the plans. We put together a complete, detailed blueprint. No detail or measurement is left unverified. These plans are ready for contractors to bid on, ready for City approval, and ready for construction to commence.

However, we are not going anywhere. Once you have selected a builder or opted for one of the ADA specialist builders we can recommend, we include a phone consultation to explain our plans and ensure that nothing is unclear prior to them commencing construction. The hand-off is crucial, and we will make sure it is done smoothly.

  1. Has the property been recently been sued for ADA issues? If it has, things must move fast as tight timelines are in place to ensure compliance.
  2. Has the property already had an Access Survey conducted to verify conditions?
  3. Are there multiple parcels on the property, or just one?

We have two equally important goals in mind when conducting a survey:

  1. How do we solve the issues to get the property compliant?
  2. How do we do so at the lowest possible cost to our client?

Our service is meant to resolve the issues on your property so you can turn the page with peace of mind.