ADA Parking Signage Requirements

Signage is designed to be eye-catching, but when you are dealing with ADA Parking Signage, property owners and property managers must be very careful on not only having the correct signage, but making sure it is ADA compliant. There are hundreds of details that must be taken into consideration with ADA parking signage. Everything from […]

ADA Curb Ramp Requirements

ADA CURB RAMPS – What You Need To Know There are few non-compliant ADA problems that are as easy to spot as an incorrect curb ramp.  When built incorrectly, they not only pose a serious risk for disabled people attempting to access a commercial building, but they are “low hanging fruit” for serial litigants, looking […]

How To Avoid ADA Lawsuits

How To Avoid ADA Lawsuits through ADA assessment ADA Compliance Professionals is collaborating with Seachrome Corporation to raise awareness about ADA non-compliance. The cost of ADA non-compliance is rising — not only for defendants facing lawsuits but also for people with disabilities who get restricted access to services that are part of daily life. As […]

As Drive-By ADA Lawsuits evolve into Google Earth Lawsuits

Since 1993 when the Americans With Disabilities Act went into effect, keeping a hotel ADA compliant has always been a challenge. Compared to a retail store or restaurant, there is so much more exposure for possible issues. Such exposure has made the lodging industry prime targets for serial litigators. Allow me a moment to draw […]

Just Got Served With An ADA Lawsuit?

So you just got served with an ADA lawsuit. It’s a confusing and scary time for you. Let us help you and you won’t have to take on the lawsuit on your own. ADA lawsuits are becoming more and more common. Most property owners never see a lawsuit coming. Once they get hit with the lawsuit, […]

Assembly Bill 2093 Requirements for Landlords

On January 1, 2017, California Assembly Bill 2093 went into effect. AB 2093 amended California Civil Code Section 1938 and expanded landlord disclosure requirements under commercial leases in California. With California AB 2093, the requirements of Section 2093 will still remain in effect. In addition, landlords are also now required to do the following: Provide […]

What Is California Senate Bill 269?

In May of 2016, Senate Bill 269 was established, allowing a grace period from liability for statutory damages. This urgency measure became effective immediately for businesses with 50 or fewer employees. SB 269 gives a business owner 120 days from the date of the CASp inspection, to correct all violations listed in the report. For […]