Siteimprove vs. Monsido vs. ADA Compliance Pros: An In-Depth Analysis Of Each Solution

  • 1.09.2021

To help you decide which ADA accessibility solution is best for the protection of your website against lawsuits, we’ve broken down and compared three of the best website accessibility solutions available:

  • ADA Compliance Pros
  • Siteimprove
  • Monsido

We’ll be going over the benefits of each solution as well as key differences so you can easily make a distinction on which company is right for your accessibility needs. 

Note: While all of these solutions can help with website compliance, If you want to ensure that you have the highest level of protection possible we think our service is the best option. Start by taking our Free Accessibility Audit to see what accessibility errors your website has. 

ADA Compliance Pros vs. Siteimprove vs. Monsido Overviews (and Key Differentiators) 

While there are some key differences between these solutions in terms of features and benefits, there are also differences based on the mindset of who needs the service. 

ADA Compliance Pros 

ADA Compliance Pros is a website accessibility company that specializes in manual audits to assist with ensuring website compliance and protection from litigation. With over twelve years of experience, our professionals are experts in website compliance and use a hybrid of automated and manual accessibility checks to catch website errors. 

A great way to ensure your digital property is accessible is through obtaining a VPAT, which documents your accessibility. Having a trained third party accessibility company audit your website and fill out a VPAT can not only showcase your commitment to accessibility, but provide additional job opportunities. What is the meaning of VPAT? Voluntary Accessibility Template. This is another area that ADACP shines. As Monsido and Siteimprove rely on automated testing, they cannot fill out a VPAT with the accuracy of ADACP’s manual testing secures.

ADA Compliance Pros works well with companies that are looking for a thorough and effective solution for website accessibility. 


Siteimprove is an automated accessibility solution that leverages machine learning to assess accessibility errors. Their platform is designed to help break down complex issues into easy-to-understand reports so you can begin to address accessibility issues. 

Siteimprove acts as an all-in-one platform that serves industries ranging from web accessibility to SEO and does not particularly specialize in website accessibility. Because of their broad, generalized focus, the platform is not built with ADA compliance at the forefront and is less likely to provide you the maximum amount of protection from a lawsuit. 


Monsido is a web accessibility tool that uses automated scans to give users an overview of their accessibility errors. They have additional features like heatmaps, PDF remediation and a platform that allows you to manage a team. 

For those looking for attention-to-detail, Monsido may not be for you. While they have an interactive platform that allows you to effectively manage a team, they rely on automated scans to find accessibility issues which is not a reliable way to find errors because they can produce false positives and only catch approximately 30% of non-accessible problems. 

How Organizations Can Use ADA Compliance Pros To Protect Themselves from Accessibility Lawsuits 

ADA Compliance Pros’ key advantages can be broken down into three sections: lawsuit protection, collaboration on remediation and detailed reporting. All of these components seamlessly work together to create an air-tight auditing process that helps keep your website protected from litigation and ensures accessibility to all disabled visitors. 

Lawsuit Protection 

Being that our team has over a decade of hands-on experience with accessibility testing we know exactly what serial litigants look for when evaluating a website and we make sure that our process is thorough, so we can assure you the maximum amount of protection possible. We begin the process by running an automated audit to give you a birds-eye view of exactly what errors your site has — ironically some other companies charge for the same sort of automated tests that we provide for free. We then follow-up this initial test by conducting a deep-dive manual audit

Taking all of these steps is what’s required to address accessibility errors that could potentially leave you exposed to a lawsuit. 

Collaboration On Remediation 

After we’ve conducted our audit, we then collaborate with your developer to address the issues and assist with the remediation process by providing tech support. When we work with your developer, issues are able to be resolved on a code level, meaning repairs are addressed to the actual coding of your website, this ensures that visitors with a variety of different disabilities can all effectively navigate through your site because the issues are fixed at a foundational level.

Automated tools don’t fix accessibility errors on a code level instead, they use what’s called an overlay widget in which you insert a snippet of JavaScript on your web page that “overlays’ the additional code on your site in the form of an app, toolbar or plugin. 

While it may be easier for beginners to navigate an overlay widget, it does not address errors at their core, meaning users with disabilities may not be able to properly navigate your web page based on whether or not their screen reader is compatible with the widget and based on their specific disability. 

Detailed Reporting 

Our findings are written up in our audit reports, which cite every non-accessible issue on your website.  We cite links to WCAG Guidelines for every issue for context, we provide step-by-step instructions to recreate the accessibility issues in our report. It is an incredibly detailed report, which will serve as a blueprint for what must be done. It will also catch the errors that the automated scan may have missed.

We make our reports simple for developers to analyze and they are separated by error. We go into detail about each error and how it should be remediated. As your developer fixes the compliance issues, we answer any questions they have and after remediation is complete, our team conducts a live audit reinspection to confirm all accessibility issues have been addressed. 

While in the process of remediation, we provide a custom accessibility statement that displays the commitment to the process of attaining WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance, which also functions as a deterrent for lawsuits. 

How Organizations Can Use Siteimprove To Achieve Website Compliance 

Similar to our company ADA Compliance Pros, Siteimprove is designed to make website accessibility easier to understand and implement on your website through the use of visual data. Their built-in education includes webinars that help in providing teams with the most up-to-date practices toward compliance and how to possibly avoid accessibility issues in the future. 

In addition, Siteimprove also runs automated accessibility scans to spot issues across all conformance levels and uses the customizable dashboard to display the information at a glance. 

Note: While Siteimprove is good for those who want a general overview of what accessibility errors their site has and some insights on web analytics, the platform only uses automated scans to spot issues and automated scans not only miss important errors like incorrect alt tags but, also can show up on reports as false positives meaning it’ll report that an accessibility error is compliant when it’s not. It’s best to research the differences between manual vs automated accessibility testing to understand the risks of just using an automated audit. 

How Organizations Can Use Monsido To Achieve Website Compliance

Monsido is another SaaS company that utilizes automated scans to assess web accessibility issues in real-time. Their platform displays important information like quality assurance levels and accessibility compliance to give you a quick overview of the issues that need to be addressed. 

If you have multiple domains, the Siteimprove dashboard allows you to manage them all in one place and assign certain team members to specific accessibility tasks. Some of the features that Monsido offers include: 

  • Heatmaps 
  • PDF Remediation
  • PageCorrect
  • PageAssist 

Monsido has a vast amount of features that increase user experience and can be useful for teams. They also provide good customer support but, similar to Siteimprove they rely on automated scans to spot errors, leaving you at risk for a lawsuit due to missed errors not being resolved. 


All of the pricing options available for each solution are custom based on exactly what your company’s needs are. 

ADA Compliance Pros Pricing 

ADA Compliance Pros offer custom packages based on how big your website is. Every package offers a live audit of your website along with in-depth reporting and high-quality customer service to help address all web compliance issues, plus a second audit to verify that the remediation was done correctly also include mobile testing for both iOS and Android.

Our professionals also take the time to educate your team on accessibility and how to keep your website compliant moving forward. 

To get a quote for our accessibility services, reach out to us for a free consultation

Siteimprove Pricing

Siteimprove does not have their pricing listed on their website but a third-party website displays their pricing at $79.00 month. 

They don’t offer much context on their website on whether they offer different packages based on their clients needs. 

You can reach out to Siteimprove to book a demo or request a quote to get more information on their pricing. 

Monsido Pricing

Monsido also doesn’t have public pricing on their website but you can request an intro call or schedule a demo to test out the product. 

There’s also a third-party website that states that their price starts at $80.00 a month but this may not be completely accurate. It’s always best to reach out to Monsido to get accurate pricing. 

Which Accessibility Solution Is Right For Your Company? 

Everyone’s needs are different and businesses have different priorities when it comes to web accessibility, some companies may be okay with utilizing testing tools to check for their accessibility while others would like a more hands-on approach. 

Siteimprove offers its users the ability to check for web accessibility and use other tools within their platform to address other issues like data privacy and overall website performance.

Monsido has features that are exclusive to website compliance such as content optimization and quality assurance while offering the ability to manage a team. 

ADA Compliance Pros uses a hybrid of both automated and manual accessibility testing to effectively catch errors. Our accessibility experts will then educate and assist with remediation so you can keep your website compliant through continuous website changes. If you’re ready to begin the path towards an accessible website, take our Free Accessibility Audit to get an overview of your errors or schedule a free consultation to have one of our experts assess your website.