Make your Website Accessible and Avoid Costly Lawsuits

ADA website lawsuits are rising as more businesses depend on their websites for business. Let us guide you with a complimentary test so you know how you stack up.

Why Does My Website Need To Be Accessible?

56 million Americans have some form of disability. 50% of them use the internet daily. Some of them are your customers.

A non-accessible website can lead to an ADA lawsuit that can cost you thousands of dollars. Accessibility is the law and there are serial litigants suing thousands of businesses every day. Let us help you get proactive.

Why ADA Compliance Pros?

At ADA Compliance Pros, we make sure your website meets requirements for web accessibility. To ensure compliance according to the ADA and Section 508, we feature:

Why Do You Need A Manual Website Audit?

A software scan won't determine a sufficient degree of content accessibility. In fact, such programs only run at about 30% accuracy.

Manual audits check for various requirements in accordance with the highest conformance standards, including color contrast, screen reader compatibility readability, alternative text, keyboard access, links and menus, adequate prompting and labeling.

Accessibility involves a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological. All the factors that websites must be accessible to..

Have our trained website auditors check each page to make sure your business stays protected.


Do I need to document the accessibility of a product?

Yes, and Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT ) is probably a way to go. A VPAT is the most efficient, comprehensive, and widely acknowledged way to document web accessibility. Contact us about Voluntary Product Templates to both evaluate and demonstrate that your product or service is up to the required accessibility standards.

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