Benefits of Having a CASp

  • 20.09.2020

Whether you are a business owner, or property owner, getting your store or business ADA compliant is hard. Not only does not having proper disability access mean that a percentage of the general population might not be able to access your location, but it also leaves you exposed to a possible ADA lawsuit. But an ADA coordinator, better known as a CASp, can help you get ADA Certified.

Benefits of Having a CASp

You can hire a CASp to verify the conditions of your location. A CASp, which is an ADA specialist, stands for Certified Access Specialist, is certified by the State to conduct CASp inspections to verify your property’s accessibility standards and confirm if you have proper disability access. It is a tough job description, which takes years of education, but their resources and knowledge are a huge help for owners or employers. Should you hire an ADA specialist, they will perform a CASp inspection and then draft an inspection report, documenting their findings, outlining the requirements and providing an ADA certificate; a CASp is the definitive authority on determining if a property is accessible.

Now that we have explained the process of what a CASp does, let’s get into the benefits of having a CASp inspect your property:

Information Means Protection!

There are roughly twenty-five law firms across California who specialize in filing ADA lawsuits.  These suits are driven by the lawyers, not the plaintiffs.  These people, who have an education similar to a bachelor’s degree in requirements for people with disabilities, make millions of dollars suing business and property owners annually. The information an ADA specialist can provide are the resources you need for protection and many times, they can email you their report once complete.

For years, ADA lawsuits were coined “drive-by lawsuits” as enough info could be gleaned from driving past without ever getting out of the car. However, serial litigants are leaving the car in the garage and simply hopping on the computer. With Google Earth having visually captured all of California (and the entire globe for that matter!) we are now seeing lawsuits being filed by use of this new technology. You can now zoom in close enough to a property to survey the exterior and determine if it appears compliant. In many cases, our clients prove that the plaintiff never set foot on their property, but with the non-compliant issues verified, the lawsuits stand, and thousands of dollars are lost.

That is why getting an access specialist CASp to provide you with an inspection report is so important. He or she can provide the crucial access info you need to understand your exposure. And if you are sued, a CASp Report can…

Minimize the Damages

Anywhere in the US, from California to South Carolina, getting an ADA certification has huge benefits. Here’s why:

  • When a business or property is sued, a CASp Inspection from an ADA specialist verifies the related accessibility conditions.
  • An Access Inspection Report can bring down the cost of the damages in the complaint.

Ensure Access For Everybody

No matter a person’s sexual orientation, their gender identity, or whether they have any disabilities, not only must employers not discriminate when reviewing job applicants, but any commercial property must be accessible for all types of people. Roughly 26% of Americans have some sort of disability — that’s one in four Americans! — and with Baby Boomers aging, that number will only keep rising. Call ADA Compliance Pros and we can help. Education is key!

Verify Construction Requirements

Before spending a penny on construction, whether specifically for ADA compliance or just for standard property improvements, having an ADA coordinator conduct an early evaluation will ensure all construction-related work will be in proper compliance. The last thing you want to do is spend money incorrectly!

Compliance Matters

Access specialist inspections provide the ultimate way to verify if your property or business is compliant. Abiding by accessibility standards is one of the most important responsibilities of a business or property owner — frankly, it is part of their required education on running a business. Compliance can make people’s lives easier. Whether it is a person who is bound to a wheelchair or a person who is sight impaired, ensuring that they can safely and easily access your property can make a world of difference.

Secure a Certified Access Certificate

After a CASp has conducted a thorough inspection, they will not only issue a CASp report, normally via email, but you will also receive a Certificate of Inspection. Many of our business owner clients like to display their certificates in their front store window. A certificate will show everybody that you have had your location inspected and that you are committed to ADA compliance.


From an access inspection to getting your ADA Access Report, there are many benefits for hiring a CASp. An early evaluation by a CASp can arm you with all the information you need to start the process of becoming ADA compliant. Just yesterday, I received an email from a political Washington DC contact who said how these rules are in place for a reason and not going anywhere. That is why it’s best to get compliant.

At ADA Compliance Professionals, for over a decade we’ve protected businesses and property owners from ADA lawsuits, but never before have we seen such dramatic changes as what we are witnessing in 2020.  Across California, ADA lawsuit volume spiked 30%.  The regular serial litigants ramped up “productivity” and many new ones got into “the game.”  In all, they blasted out thousands of lawsuits and made millions of dollars suing business and property owners. Consider yourself warned. Do all you can to get compliant. If you have questions, please feel free to call us or email us your questions.