Just Got Served With An ADA Lawsuit?

  • 13.08.2018
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So you just got served with an ADA lawsuit. It’s a confusing and scary time for you. Let us help you and you won’t have to take on the lawsuit on your own.

ADA lawsuits are becoming more and more common. Most property owners never see a lawsuit coming. Once they get hit with the lawsuit, the property owners don’t know what to do next or what they should do to resolve the lawsuit. We know exactly what to do.

That’s why we started ADA Compliance Professionals. People needed help with ADA lawsuits. We have worked with over 900+ clients. Just about every one of them wanted to do the right thing! What sort of commercial property owner doesn’t want as many people to access it as possible?

The laws are confusing and, especially in California, hard on property owners and businesses. It’s not impossible to navigate. You just need to know what to do and asking for help from qualified individuals will get you all the help you need.. Let us be your advocate and we can get you through this.

headshotDavid LoPresti

David brings years of architectural design, business development and ADA compliance experience to the table.

Prior to joining ADA Compliance Pros, David served as the Senior Business Development Executive of Goodwill Southern California. His focus was executive relationship building and securing new business, which provided employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities or vocational disadvantages. During his tenure at Goodwill, David successfully launched Goodwill’s Signs & Stripes Parking Lot Service, providing ADA compliant signage and striping to businesses and property owners.

David received his B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and attended the University of Southern California for his graduate studies.

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