Siteimprove Alternatives: Here Are The 4 Best Options You Can Choose

  • 17.09.2021

Siteimprove is a software that provides an all-in-one solution to managing your digital presence that includes web accessibility, SEO, analytics, performance, and data privacy. 

Although Siteimprove comes with a slew of analytics tools features it’s not the right solution for everyone. In fact, here are a few common complaints from Siteimprove users:

Missed accessibility errors: Although Siteimprove claims to run automated accessibility checks that strictly adhere to WCAG compliance standards as with any automated accessibility solution, Siteimprove can miss important errors and as a result, users could face serial litigation for not having a compliant website.

Monthly costs that add up: Siteimprove charges on a monthly basis and even their most basic plan is a significant investment for some businesses on a monthly basis. You take the risk of your website not being compliant if you no longer want to commit to paying a monthly fee.

Siteimprove has too many features: One of the biggest reasons that users look for Siteimprove alternatives is due to the vast amount of features that the software offers. They do not specialize in one specific field and this can be a big downside especially for those who are looking for specialized solutions for website accessibility. 

Siteimprove doesn’t offer a full accessibility solution: Siteimprove, like a lot of other accessibility software solutions, use a piece of Javascript code to place in your website that creates an overlay over your website so it appears accessible to disabled users but there’s no guarantee that a disabled visitor would be able to access your website because the changes are not in the foundation of your website. 

Customer Support: Siteimprove offers phone and email support for questions about the software but nowhere do they state having access to accessibility professionals that can answer questions about remediation and collaborate with your developer to ensure compliance. 

ADA Compliance Pros works in a quick and efficient manner to ensure our clients achieve full website compliance. Our company offers exactly what you need to ensure website compliance and nothing extra that’s not needed. 

In this post, we talk about the best Siteimprove alternatives that could be a good fit for you and your team.

  • ADA Compliance Pros
  • Monsido
  • AccessiBe
  • Audioeye 

ADA Compliance Pros is a company that specializes in ADA Compliance for organizations to ensure website accessibility and protect businesses from accessibility lawsuits. If you’d like to see how many errors your website currently has, take our free accessibility audit

ADA Compliance Pros 

ADA Compliance Pros is a company specializing in helping organizations achieve full website compliance and focus on the following areas: 

  • Auditing to catch all accessibility issues
  • Customer support to assist with remediation 

These two key areas can be further broken down into further steps that we take to protect our clients and get their website accessible and safe as soon as possible. 

Manual Auditing 

ADA Compliance Pros has worked with dozens of clients who have relied on automated accessibility solutions to keep their website compliant but later found out that automated scans miss important errors. In an effort to address this we decided to use a hybrid of both automated and manual audits. The automated audit is responsible for giving us a general overview of the kind of errors your website is facing and the manual audit is to further dissect and find any errors that the automated one missed. 


Another common issue we noticed when talking to clients was the monthly fees they had to pay in order for the software to keep their website “accessible” and run continuous scans. Upon hearing this concern we decided to make our services an all-inclusive one-time cost so clients would in no way be indebted to us after their website is remediated. 

Foundational Level Solutions 

Our compliance professionals are experts at remediating issues on a code level. This means errors are addressed within the foundation of your website so whenever a visitor comes to your website no matter their disability they have the same opportunities to navigate your webpages as someone with no disabilities. 

Customer Support 

We offer customer support by educating developers on exactly what steps they need to take to complete the remediation process and we offer continuous support even after your remediation is complete.

We take the time to educate our customers so they can know how to protect themselves moving forward. 

Other Siteimprove Alternatives 

ADA Compliance Pros specializes in all the components of helping website owners achieve ADA compliance through automated and manual audits and an in-depth remediation process but if you’re looking for more of a completely automated solution consider these other tools. 


Monsido is an automated accessibility solution that has an all-in-one platform exclusive to the monitoring of your website compliance. Their platform has different web analytics you can track like website performance, content quality assurance, and data privacy that can all be seen at once. 

The product also allows you to manage all domains and serves as a project management tool by allowing you to assign team members to certain roles and responsibilities. In addition, they offer additional features that assist with remediation and have a number of integrations. 

Monsido has been complimented on its user experience, functionality and ability to view metrics at a glance but some users have criticized the implementation and confusion with people unfamiliar with accessibility. 


AccessiBe is another completely automated accessibility software that utilizes the power of AI to help website owners reach compliance. It works by placing a Javascript code on your website that gives you access to an interface where you can adjust all of your accessibility settings.

They offer tiered pricing and have the option between monthly and annual billing. The prices may be more reasonable for small businesses because the more pages you have on your website the higher the monthly/annual cost will be. 

If you deal with any hiccups while using the software they have a support team that is ready to answer questions and they offer to have user testers check your website for compliance. 


Audioeye is a web accessibility solution that has patented automation that is designed to automatically find and fix website accessibility errors and can be installed on a site within minutes. 

The interface promotes usability and allows for the software to easily scale for those who are working with agencies and partners but still keep a manageable workflow. They offer partner support and financial discounts for larger organizations. 

Their interface also lets you see real-time updates of your website’s accessibility and point out the errors with the highest severity. 

Which Accessibility Solution Is Right For You? 

If you’re looking for a website accessibility solution that can offer you protection from lawsuits and ensure an enjoyable experience for your website visitors regardless of their disability, an automated accessibility solution might not be the best option. 

In fact, not only do completely automated apps catch just 30% of the possible errors you could have but they can also produce false positives and in 2020, 250 lawsuits were filed against companies using widgets. 

The best path to remediation and protection is by utilizing the use of an automated and manual audit together to address all website errors, ensure the protection of your organization, and increase your digital marketing efforts overall. 
Our professionals use both automated and manual solutions to address accessibility issues and keep our clients protected from serial litigation. If you’d like to see a quick overview of your current website errors, take our free accessibility audit.